Summary of Maryvale Revitalization Activities

Education Programs

Jacori Rufus Memorial College Scholarship Program – Founded in 1999 in honor of Jacori Rufus following the tragic car accident that took his life when returning home from Idaho State University, he was a 1998 Maryvale High School graduate attending college on an academic/athletic scholarship.  Jacori was a member of National Honor Society, All-State in football and track, as well as a 3 year starting point guard in basketball.  The scholarship began as one winner at $500 per year for Maryvale High School graduates, and has been expanded to cover Alhambra and Trevor Browne High Schools.  While applications are accepted from students attending all three schools, they are not guaranteed a selection.  Since its inception, the scholarship has been increased to $500 per semester, over a maximum of four years.  In 2014 we had about 100 golfers are our charity event to fund the scholarships for the thirteen students in college this fall.

The ball drop has become a huge hit in the past couple years.  Click here to see last year’s ball drop video.

Since inception 34 youth have received scholarships and over $100,000 has been distributed out.

Maryvale Cre8s Youth Art Project – In 2014 we transformed our Urban Art Project into Maryvale Cre8s.  Over 3 weekends 25 youth worked on life size art of musicians which went on display at Ak Chin Pavilion for over 200,000 people to see during concert season.  More projects are planned in near future.


Once a month there is a free painting class at Hooters West Phoenix at 7pm – check with store for date of next class.

February Paint Night

March Paint Night

May Paint Night

January 2016 Paint Class

During summer of 2015 there were free kids crafts at Hooters West Phoenix on select Saturdays during June, July and August.

Programming is now taking place to put art in several facilities in the west Phoenix area and leadership team has grown to six artists.  As the urban art project they completed several projects including painting 55 gallon steel drums as trash cans, painting bowling pins for various charity bowling events, painting tires and planters for community gardens.


Educational Videos - During 2015 we will release our next video – Dangers of Underage Drinking. In 2014 we completed our video on Bullying: Schoolyard and Beyond.  Our first two videos: Keeping Families Safe, for adults and service providers, and Healthy Teen Relationships, on teen dating violence awareness have been distributed throughout the community.  In 2012 we went back into the studio and released a Spanish language version of Keeping Families Safe.  Other videos we have completed and that are available in the community include: Graffiti Is Vandalism and Community Based Policing: Everyone’s Opportunity.  The latter ran on local television for over a year!

To see our videos – click below:

The Maryvale Project Youtube Channel

Warrior Wisdom Program – This program is a class at Western School of Science and Technology that began in the fall of 2015.  Held each Friday will teach on leadership, public speaking, nutrition and other educational topics.  Current layout looks like this:

1st Friday of month – guest speaker

2nd Friday of month – lesson plan such as public speaking, nutrition, financial literacy, college prep, etc.

3rd Friday of month – adult mentors come into class to work with youth (if you have one hour available in morning of 3rd Fridays and want to mentor!!)

4th Friday of month – class members will go to Pioneer Prep to mentor elementary school youth

Class will include one or two field trips per semester plus at least once, possibly twice a semester we will film the class with youth talking about youth issues and concerns for our Maryvale Magic internet radio show! Thinking class will also be part of a new community garden at the school as well. First class is sponsored by Wal*Mart.

In 2016 a similar program, Soaring Eagles, was started at AZ Collegiate High School.

Youth Programs

Game Changers Teen Leadership Conference and Events – 2015 was third year of our annual Game Changers Teen events. Macayos Desert Sky hosted the mentoring dinners and the conference was hosted by Grand Canyon University.

The Maryvale Project: Think Twice Curfew Prediversion Program – This program is a 4 hour class for first time curfew offenders to teach the reasoning behind curfew, drug and alcohol awareness, ethics, decision making, goal setting and dealing with peer pressure.  The parents attend the last hour of the class as the youth report out on what they learned.  By taking this class, the youth do not end up going to court nor having a police record.  Since it began, in 2009 we have had over 350 youth take the class – with only one ever being picked up again.  It is our desire (and that of the Phoenix Police Department) that this program be expanded in the future to cover additional precincts in the city.  We are currently working with three local precincts.

Phoenix Merits – Conceived and implemented in 2012 as Maryvale Merits, this program promotes positive behavior in youth.  Officers from the Maryvale Precinct, when they have time, stop and visit with local youth that they have observed in positive behavior.  Thanks to early support from Macayo’s Desert Sky, Cinema Latino, Quik Trip, Bill Johnson’s Big Apple, Burger King and the Milwaukee Brewers, the officers are able to present the youth with a Maryvale Merit card and a coupon to a local business or event.  This benefits the community in two ways: 1) Youth are recognized for their positive behavior, thus helping increase their self esteem while letting them know their actions are observed & 2) Police are able to interact in a positive way with local youth and to spend some of their time seeing the positive side of the community – a win-win situation for the community all the way around.  In 2015 program became Phoenix Merits to cover all of Phoenix!

Click here to see a Maryvale Merit and officers with the youth.

MAPPs & MOTION – In 2008 MRC met with thirty different youth oriented providers in the community to discover gaps in service and how these groups might work together to cover those gaps. These providers represented schools, churches, YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, City of Phoenix departments, community centers, substance awareness groups and other youth organizations.   From those meetings Maryvale Adolescent Providers Partnership (MAPPs) was founded.  The group now meets monthly to share information about themselves and what is occurring in the community.  The first project undertaken was creating monthly free staff training seminars for everyone involved.  In 2009 the group expanded focus and added a subcommittee, Maryvale Youth in MOTION (Motivated, Organized Teens Impacting Our Neighborhood), which is led by youth elected from their membership.  In their first twelve months, they organized and held a community fair (attended by thousands) and a teen forum at Trevor Browne High School with over 100 youth in attendance, in 2011 about 175 teens participated.  The teen groups selected the discussion topics and had the opportunity to discuss relevant topics amongst themselves.  MAPPs also created a teen traveling basketball league in 2009, which offered a no-fee league with teams from different MAPPs organizations.  In 2012 MAPPs added a teen traveling volleyball league.  MAPPs, its endeavors and subcommittees are considered to be highly successful by our community partners.

Physical Revitalization Programs

Tool Trailer & Graffiti Abatement & Illegal Sign Removal Programs – We go out every month removing graffiti and illegal signs in the community.  In the past years we have covered over 40,000 graffiti sites in the community and removed over 10,000 illegal signs.  We have two gas powered paint sprayers on our graffiti abatement trailer for use in removing graffiti with local groups.  We have a tool trailer stocked with tools for cleanups and landscaping, along with other projects when we partner with various groups.

Maryvale Curb Appeal Program – This program assisted owner-occupied residences within Maryvale with permanent exterior improvements that can be seen from the street (curb).  Up to $500 was available toward improvements such as exterior house painting, desert landscaping, front fence repair or trees.  It did not cover anything inside the home, nor in the back yards.  Through this program we were able to assist over 1,000 home owners, but the program has ended until more funding can be located.

While this program has ended we are working on a similar program with the Cesar Chavez Foundation in zip code 85033 helping low income home owners make exterior improvements.  We also are worked with Home Depot on a Veterans Helping Veterans program.

MRC Extreme Home Makeover - In 2013 we took our first endeavor into our version of extreme home makeover.  Thanks to donations from several businesses and lots of volunteers it was completed.  Let us know your thoughts!

Maryvale Facelift ProgramIn 2014 we kicked off a twelve month program of working with local volunteers – including lots of teens – to do additional graffiti removal, streetscape cleanups, park cleanups and other projects to improve the appearance of the community.  Depending on successes and number of volunteers we will look to continue this project beyond the original length.

One such project included over 500 Chase Bank employees, families and friends at 3 city of Phoenix parks.

Chase Volunteer Event

January Projects

Project Pride

May Maryvale Facelift

Community Programs

Celebrate Maryvale! Awards Breakfast – In 2012 the Maryvale Dignitary Breakfast was renamed to the Celebrate Maryvale! breakfast as the event turned 17 years old. In 2015 we will be celebrating year 20!

Maryvale Dignitary Breakfast – Every year we host the annual Maryvale Dignitary Breakfast to honor people, organizations, educators & businesses that are shining stars in the desert sky.  Awards include Proof Positive Awards, Educating Excellence Awards, John F. Long Business of the Year, Maryvale Man of the Year, Maryvale Woman of the Year, and occasionally we present a Maryvale Hero award and a Business Continuity award.  Beginning in 2010 the breakfast was moved to Desert Sky Pavilion and draws 150 – 175 attendees annually.

Maryvale ConversationsIn 2013 we kicked off monthly dinners bringing together various community partners, businesses, schools, individuals to discuss what is happening in the community.  Programs and projects have been designed via these discussions.  Hooters West Phoenix hosts the dinners monthly with Macayo’s Desert Sky hosting a quarterly dinner so people that have attended the different dinners can meet and discuss what happened at their monthly dinner.  Different topics are highlighted each month.

Community Gardens ProgramThanks to donations from Jackrabbit Nursery and Gifts In Kind we have been able to partner with several local organizations to put in community gardens to help encourage healthy eating.

Community Volunteer Programs – We work with several local groups to carry out a variety of projects.  These volunteers may be from local schools or universities, businesses, churches or youth organizations.  They perform a variety of projects such as house painting, desert landscaping, alley clean ups, graffiti paint outs and area beautification projects.  Our biggest examples are our annual Strength of Youth project each November with 500 youth from the LDS Church when 20 – 25 homes are painted or landscaped in four hours on the Saturday before Thanksgiving & our partnership with Grand Canyon University doing several projects all year long.  Other recent examples were General Electric employees putting a playground in at the Boys & Girls Club; Global Youth Service Day with youth from Maryvale & Scottsdale YMCAs, Stewart Boys & Girls Club, and Maryvale High School doing a clean up project at Desert Sky Pavilion; Catalyst Church members & Vanguard Securities employees doing house painting and desert landscaping.  There are several other groups that work with us each year as well.   We were recently featured working with volunteers on the Pay It Forward program on Channel 5 locally.  If your group is interested in doing a community service project – please contact us – no group is too big nor too small to help us make an impact.

Maryvale Magic Internet Radio Show – Coming in 2016 will be our Maryvale Magic radio program.  Slated to be 1 hour per day for 5 days a week.  Topics will include upcoming events, local musicians, financial literacy, health & nutrition, education relating to high school and university level, public safety and more!  We will update with link and time slot once program begins.


Some Previous Programs

Community Garden In Harmony – In 2010 & 2011 in partnership with Ear Candy Charity and Pan Asian Community Center, Maryvale Revitalization Corporation hosted a multi-cultural show at Desert Sky Pavilion with several colorful entertainment acts, a large silent auction & raffle along with an amazing catered meal.

  • Here are some pictures of the wonderful event.

Literacy Program – In partnership with VNSA and other local donations we gaveaway books, movies and music in the community on a weekly basis for over 3 years.  Approximately 200,000 items were distributed.  This program reached across Maricopa County through our various partners.  Libraries have been put in apartment complexes, senior centers and other locations.


Here are some links to you tube for 2 videos on Maryvale.

The first was done by Maryvale UNITE and their work led to the creation of Maryvale Revitalization.  It is in three parts:

The following four links are to a video done by Maryvale graduate Chris Wooley telling some of the history of the community: